Selective Mutism

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For as long as I can remember communication has been an issue. I can be wordy (in print) verbally, I hate talking! Truth be told I’m wordy verbally too and I don’t want to be because I hate talking.

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The ability to keep things straight long enough from mind to lips while worrying about the listener understanding or waning attention is what brings up anxiety and tics. I understand all too well the roles.

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When communicating one must consider the listener/audience and the listener/audience has the responsibility to pay attention. But for me I must always monitor my tone the words I chose and even my expression is all whirling around in my head before I even speak. The words relax and talk are an oxymoron and an insult.

When I got married, I asked my grandmother if she had any advice and all she said to me was, “just talk, talk about anything and everything”.  Over the years I’ve pondered her advice, “just talk”. So simple you’d think.

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