Soap Thoughts

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I was making a batch of soap today when for a few moments it looked as if I might lose the entire batch. Seizing is a scary thing that happens when the batch turns into a block. I just kept thinking about all I had put into the batch.

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Determination and hard work saved my batch. I mixed, and mixed until the magic happened and a smile appeared on my face. Soon my home was filled with essential oils I chose for this particular batch. I began thinking how many people would have given up because it was too hard or because they thought, “it’s over”.

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Keep pushing, Keep going because only you know when you’re finished

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Greetings, Welcome and thanks for stopping by. My interest includes but not limited to science, science fiction, history, psychology, mental health, Tourette’s, Autism. I am a writer and artist. Since a young age, words have fascinated me.

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