Loc’d Life

Photo by u5168 u8bb0u5f55 on Pexels.com

When I stopped working for others, the very first thing I did was shave my hair. Shedding that dead, relaxed hair off was the most liberating thing I’d felt in a long time.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I wore my loose natural hair for awhile, loving it and changing the style on whim. Then I remembered how I wanted to start my loc journey. I searched YouTube for loc’d sisters and there I found a tribe of YouTubers that shared their journeys with the world. Loc’s of every kind. Freeform loc’s are the locs that are just allowed to form on their own without manipulation. Semi Freeform are locs that form with very little manipulation. Manicured loc’s are the loc’s that were parted and shaped individually. Sister loc’s are the same as Manicured but they are tiny.

Photo by Styves Exantus on Pexels.com

I decided semi freeform was the way for me. Three years later, my loc’s are adored with jewels and I live unapologetically loc’d.

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Greetings, Welcome and thanks for stopping by. My interest includes but not limited to science, science fiction, history, psychology, mental health, Tourette’s, Autism. I am a writer and artist. Since a young age, words have fascinated me.

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