Bonnets, Curlers, Unkept Oh My

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Recently there has been an addressing to the Female population regarding appearances. The other day my husband and I were running errands and out in broad day light, a young woman stepped out of a higher end vehicle wearing underwear and walked herself into the laundry.

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Ok, I’m not speaking of the pretty lace meant to be shown. I’ve heard the jokes about waiting to wash clothes till the very last minute. Nope, sis had on (drawers). We’ve (women) have made it acceptable to leave our homes unkept. My husband and I check each other all the time. He will tell me when I need to try again lol. I tell him because we represent each other. Whether I there or not, my family represent me and vice versa.

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Mental Illness on display or “people living their best lives” or “no &ucks given”. And we roll with it because it’s may express a mood at a certain time. I see it as disrespect to me and all that have misfortune to gaze past. The world is what we put in it damn, it really is that simple.

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One thought on “Bonnets, Curlers, Unkept Oh My

  1. I hear you. I think I see things a little different. I would never leave the house in my drawls, for sure, but I also do not think how I dress represents my hubby or the rest of my family. But I do know quite a few people who believe this, so I get it.


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