Mindful Distractions

“Mindful Distractions”, is not only the title of my book but something I think about often. Most people hear “distraction” and think negatively of the concept. But, mindful distractions are as welcomed as a good belly laugh. For me, I draw, paint, make jewelry or I write it’s always been something I would do every once in awhile. My interest cycle around like the seasons. Having fallen behind technology, getting my images into the digital world has been all consuming.

Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels.com

I’m determined not to be left behind in this digital kingdom. However, some of these artistic platforms make it increasingly difficult. Momma didn’t raise no punk/quitter so I kept plugging at it and writing down success and failures. Watching countless videos to help me attain my goals. In between, remembering to stay present while attempting to accomplish tasks has been laughable as of late. I’d get an idea about something, look for my pen and the idea is gone. For two weeks give a day or two more, I’ve been slightly off balance. Leaving my keys in a store, roaming a parking lot because I forgot where I parked, talk about feeling vulnerable.

Photo by Hannah Nelson on Pexels.com

When I’m off balance, everything comes to a halt and I must do an assessment, a circuit check. Sleep (check), Diet (check), Exercise (damn it), Kids (check) I neglected being in nature or slowing down to appreciate my present(s). My workouts consist of walking and stretching (not yoga) but Leega. Like everything I do, I make it my own.

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Greetings, Welcome and thanks for stopping by. My interest includes but not limited to science, science fiction, history, psychology, mental health, Tourette’s, Autism. I am a writer and artist. Since a young age, words have fascinated me.

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