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Nonconventional Relationships

Life with two boyfriends, a triad consisting of a black woman, her two boyfriends, one is man is black the other is white. She says, “I get to tap into areas of myself that I don’t with the other”. Meaning, she has a cultural connection and understanding with the one boyfriend because they belong to the same culture. I found her statement interesting. “Why aren’t you yourself all the time? Code Switching, Mirroring all to fit in, fit in with whom”?

Another I followed for some insight into this lifestyle was “3isBetter”.  In this threesome it’s one man and two women. I followed the stories of others as well and what I noticed in all the stories/relationships was one common thread. None had longevity, I couldn’t find any older than 2 years in America.

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My interest in this subject wasn’t a welcomed energy in my home.  My husband at first said, “men that can manage two households might find comfort in a polygamous relationship” and he carried on for a while (my husband is a talker).  A song and a funny meme popped into my head while he talked.  Nicki Minaj’s “I Get Crazy” flashed for a fraction of a second and I laughed at myself while my husband was explaining the benefits of polygamy.  I like asking him his opinion on subjects because he doesn’t have the left or right, hot or cold brain that I have, so I enjoy his perspectives.  I then turned my attention towards women that have more than one husband living together. I found an interesting story of a woman and her seven husbands.

I shared that last story with my husband and for some peculiar reason, he changed his stance about polygamy.  

It is not a lifestyle for everyone, however, for those considering I have just this to mention. In nature there is yin/yang or balance.  One must ask themselves; how does it benefit me because it looks like too many are entering into something in which they have fairy tailed the scenario and love will carry them. It is difficult to maintain mental health for oneself let alone juggling the mental states of plural individuals living together under one roof.  The financial benefits of living together and communing are over shadowed by fragile mental states.

This relationship style works in situations where there is one common goal, such as maintaining a farm or land. 

To each his/her own but walk wisely.

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One thought on “Polygamy/Polyandry/Fragility

  1. I really think it could work if contemporary society didn’t have the fantasized view of monogamy. I think that’s where the real fairy tale is.

    And yes…I wonder why a woman with multiple men is never appealing to men lol


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