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consciousness · the state of being consciousawareness of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc. · the thoughts and feelings, collectively …

Navigating the YouTube waves are tricky, not impossible.  S Studio’s (not the name) host kept viable information regarding another man’s character a secret. I think men that harbor secrets like pedophilia are the worst of any community. 

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I want to poLightly talk about brothers trolling the hood for single mothers. Single mothers are easy targets because they are seeking companions to help raise children and financial aid. These wolves are not interested in you as much as they are interested in your children. This accusation of child molestation hit the community hard, as for me, it left me triggered, angry and disillusioned. I know I wasn’t alone in my feelings. In a self-made patriarchal society in which we live; I believe the men have a duty to protect.

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I did so much deep breathing this week, several times I made myself dizzy. Triggered all week.  Just when you think you’ve reached a place in your healing, BANG, I’m ticking, and crying, then anger and my anger wasn’t towards myself for my feelings but rather towards men. Our reality is what we make it, is there a gender war? Or a gigantic misinterpretation of fear. We don’t like to talk about things that bring us pain. But ignoring all this pain has us all swimming in madness.


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