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A few days past I created a post for my social media that read, “IF ALL IS NEEDED IS AIR, FOOD AND SHELTER ALL ELSE ARE SUCCESSFUL SCAMS”.  My post lacked a$$ shaking, pain or shiny things, so it was ignored. The shiny things in today’s world are topics and some of the trending topics are regarding homosexuals, race, violence and politics.  

Manipulation – “the action of puppeteering in a skillful manner”.

 As a child I can remember saying, “I can’t wait to grow up” my mother asked me, “why”? I told her because I could do what I want. She laughed and told me that being adult that I could do what I want but I had to be responsible for my actions, my decisions and how I had to make sure the outcomes were the ones I wanted. My mother was teaching me how to be a critical thinker. How to use foresight. Of course, I didn’t master this for a long time.

I’ve fallen victim to clickbait or only seeing the surface. Not taking the time to investigate for myself out of lack of interest or lazy. What I didn’t do was pass around the surface information because I didn’t do the work myself.  I understand all too well why it’s important to investigate, gain knowledge for one’s self.  I’m careful because I don’t want to tell my children or anyone else falsehoods. Just like being a parent doesn’t end being a responsible adult doesn’t end either because there is always someone looking to you for understanding. We could all be superheroes.


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