Rittenhouse/Allyn Walker

Photo by Thomas Shockey on Pexels.com

Let’s talk about the obvious misuse of language, power, bewitching, spiritual warfare and because I need balance. I’ll also make mention of silence, weakness, repugnant and substance.

Judge Bruce Schroeder didn’t like the word, “victims” in the trail of K. Rittenhouse. Video footage shows Rittenhouse tearing through people with an AR-15 rifle. The judge’s sensitivity and grandfather like protection of a young man sitting there accused of murder isn’t touching, instead it’s an open face slap and a misuse of power.

Politicians, lawyers, and so-called educators otherwise known as Professors are talented in the art of misleading, redirections, and language. Professor Allyn Walker has said that pedophile is a misleading and well, kinda ugly word that lacks intent. So, M.A.P. which stands for minor attracted person is a better description.

When I was five years old, a M.A.P. brutally and sexually attacked me and left me for dead. I was an unsuspecting casualty of an unknown M.A.P.

This is accurate according to Professor Allyn Walker. As for me it lacks substance. For any victim/casualty of a crime will find Judge Bruce Schroeder’s actions despicable to say the least. As for Allyn, this disillusion and out of touch frame of teaching is meant to bewitch or soften the edges, perfume shit or philosophy wrongdoing.

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