Being Vegan during a Holiday/Taste like Hate

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November 25, 2021

When my kids were young and I didn’t know any better, we celebrated holidays such as the present one and Christmas. Today, they don’t and neither do I because we practice, “knowing better equals doing better”.

I hail from a long line of good cooks. Generational recipes and some creations and blending of my own, mixing with love and patience and my food is magic. When my children where young, they never knew what store brought bread taste like because I made our bread. Every meal they consumed was made by my hands. My bread never matched my grandmother’s bread which would melt in your mouth, but it wasn’t shameful.

I haven’t made bread in years, nor do I eat it much anymore due to the gluten. When my husband asked what would we do on Thursday? I was a little confused, we usually spend those days with relatives. We bring a bottle of wine, and we are one of the many traveling. We don’t celebrate so called “holidays”, but he enjoys the togetherness. I’m an unapologetic introvert. We decided to eat at home which meant for me cooking and washing dishes all for the next two days. I do these things every day, but I think my annoyance came with what he wanted me to cook for just the two of us. A traditional turkey dinner for just us! I watched the longing and hopeful face he made, so happy! In my head, I was thinking who is going to eat all that food? We are both lactose intolerant and vegan cheese (I don’t care what brand) it sucks. The crap doesn’t melt, and I know how to substitute but that is with flour/gluten. I don’t eat meat so the cleaning (touching) and dressing a bird sent gag reflexes which I tried to hide.

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Well, I ain’t gonna lie, I put my foot in it! Everything came out as expected. The turkey was picture perfect. Looks juicy! Delicious? I wouldn’t know. My pot of greens are seasoned to orgasmic joy. The mac and cheese tasted like hate. Yup, it tasted just like I felt about it. I will serve it proudly hidden between the yams, stuffing and turkey and cover them with gravy.

I spent hours on the turkey basting it and my efforts were rewarded. That mac and cheese though, it too will be served but not without me remembering the lesson in the meal.


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One thought on “Being Vegan during a Holiday/Taste like Hate

  1. Ha! My youngest daughter is vegetarian. My oldest is doing Dr. Sebi. And I have a couple food allergies, so yeah. Our thanksgiving is kinda is full of gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. etc. etc. lol

    Hope you have a happy holiday!

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