December Babies/Birthdays

Spiritual Bimbooing 12/12/21

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I have never been excited about my birthday, being born four days before a major holiday, Christmas. My birthday was skipped or combined with the holiday. There was that one birthday party at the age of five but that was it. I didn’t carry this over to my children, one whose birthday comes after the holiday. They each have memories of celebrated birthdays and that makes me happy.

This year however, I feel differently about my approaching birthday.  Just look at it 12/21/21! Every year, in December, my husband asks what I want, I say, I don’t know. He makes a big deal of my birthday and I love him for it.

This year after healing myself from a stroke I wanted to do something different.  So, I told my husband I wanted him to cook my dinner as I do all the cooking for us. Then I changed my mind about that remembering the last time he cooked. How do you get sauce on the walls and light switch?

I asked for “time”, a movie night, paint my toenails. Keeping it simple and we like the same genre of film, so he won’t be bored to tears.  Getting him to meditate with me will be another story. But, that’s part of my day and his gift to me.

Wish me well


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