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Too Many Tuna Sandwiches, indeed!

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I wasn’t familiar with Michael C. Hall until I began watching Dexter. The casting was brilliant. I began to wonder about the actor playing such a character. I wasn’t surprised that he also exercised his art in the form of music. His band puts me in the mind of Tangerine Dream or 80’s rock. Not bad and his voice isn’t unpleasant.

When I find a television show that holds my interest, I’m all in and I allow myself to be engrossed in whatever tale is being spun.  It was that way with the show “Dexter”, I was the biggest fan, my husband, not so much, he finds it creepy. But I question his interests in “The Walking Dead”.

I started thinking, I can’t be the only one that likes Dexter and viola there are so many people on Youtube with opinions about the show. I was disappointed in the fact that, they all took the same angle of the show. Not one discussed the character of such a man, the psychology of the crimes, the poor parenting. The nurturing of a killer from the help of trained professionals, a cop and a psychologist. Or, the mere fact that, so many of us find interest. Let’s be honest, we relate to the character. I watched Michael C. Hall in different interviews express his discomfort with the fan base. Mr. Hall, for me it’s the psychology and the mental illness that draws me to the show and the character.

Episode 6: Dexter inside talking to himself (Debra) and he winces as the imaginary Debra slaps him upside the head. An exchange of power between father and son and then we’re switched to the other town predator, Kurt, played by Clancy Brown.

Let’s look at how long he’s been in Iron Lake and dating not just any woman but the police chief. Why would someone like Dexter who said he gave up the kill need to keep so close to the police if he didn’t want to be ahead on information? Or perhaps this is supposed to be unknown attraction for the character. Angela looking similar to Debra I’m sure wasn’t an accident if not saying volumes.

 “Every time I called you Jim it was a lie” Angela.

Watching Dexter listening to his crimes as told by the podcaster Molly was another favorite scene of mine. “I do feel a little, butchery”, Dexter.  He seems to like the Bat Man reference as he always wanted to be a hero.  

The therapy session and the space on the sofa! When I tell ya, I needed to watch this scene a few times because I related to his awkwardness, no frame of reference to pull from and how he tried to sum up his past as briefly with as few words as possible and Harrison called bull shit.

Inherited trauma; took a spiritual leap in my opinion. The relief on Dexter’s face when Harrison said, he didn’t remember the murder of his mother just what he heard online. Abandonment issues! You think?

It hasn’t been acknowledged on the show but all of Dexter’s character traits spell Asperger’s syndrome and why I relate to the character minus the killing.

I find it interesting that instead of admitting serial killers are products of the environment in which they are reared, in other words, “created”.  They want to play around with the notion that they are born that way is bullcrap.


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