Finding/Calling My Tribe?

*$__ it, I stand Alone Always/writer’s block When you belong to a community that refuses to acknowledge mental illness the hardest thing to live with is the loneliness. Find your tribe, how when communication is the one thing you struggle with daily? Every cliché is wrong and disturbingly insulting.  If I have days of notContinue reading “Finding/Calling My Tribe?”


Nonconventional Relationships Life with two boyfriends, a triad consisting of a black woman, her two boyfriends, one is man is black the other is white. She says, “I get to tap into areas of myself that I don’t with the other”. Meaning, she has a cultural connection and understanding with the one boyfriend because theyContinue reading “Polygamy/Polyandry/Fragility”


Followers/Dating Advice As I stumble through this digital world, I realize that my age group isn’t the only one finding it difficult.  I envy the young and how effortless they navigate computers and all platforms. The ability to exercise foresight, perspective and deliver a message to those in need of answers is truly a blessing.Continue reading “YOUTUBE STREETS”

Mindful Distractions

“Mindful Distractions”, is not only the title of my book but something I think about often. Most people hear “distraction” and think negatively of the concept. But, mindful distractions are as welcomed as a good belly laugh. For me, I draw, paint, make jewelry or I write it’s always been something I would do everyContinue reading “Mindful Distractions”

Bonnets, Curlers, Unkept Oh My

Recently there has been an addressing to the Female population regarding appearances. The other day my husband and I were running errands and out in broad day light, a young woman stepped out of a higher end vehicle wearing underwear and walked herself into the laundry. Ok, I’m not speaking of the pretty lace meantContinue reading “Bonnets, Curlers, Unkept Oh My”

Steam Pot & Loc’s

Stress relief, purifying, relaxing and beneficial to my sinuses, I load my big pot with water and carefully select the herbs and essential oil waiting for the rolling boiling. Inhaling deeply and feeling my shoulders relax. I watch as my loc’s dangle over the pot absorbing the moisture and the scented herbs and essential oil.Continue reading “Steam Pot & Loc’s”