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The Harder They Fall/Devil, Demons, Chess or Checkers

Directed by Jeymes Samuel I’ve always enjoyed cowboy movies. Watching spaghetti westerns with my father was something we could enjoy together. He’d say, “you see him, he was black” referring to “The Lone Ranger”. The black man’s name was Bass Reeves, pointing to the white actor Clayton Moore and he’d go back to reading his…

Dexter New Blood

Review/Predictions/Two Cents Too Many Tuna Sandwiches, indeed! I wasn’t familiar with Michael C. Hall until I began watching Dexter. The casting was brilliant. I began to wonder about the actor playing such a character. I wasn’t surprised that he also exercised his art in the form of music. His band puts me in the mind…

December Babies/Birthdays

Spiritual Bimbooing 12/12/21 I have never been excited about my birthday, being born four days before a major holiday, Christmas. My birthday was skipped or combined with the holiday. There was that one birthday party at the age of five but that was it. I didn’t carry this over to my children, one whose birthday…

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