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As I stumble through this digital world, I realize that my age group isn’t the only one finding it difficult.  I envy the young and how effortless they navigate computers and all platforms. The ability to exercise foresight, perspective and deliver a message to those in need of answers is truly a blessing. When you are in possession of these attributes and chose to offer advice to those seeking answers to life’s puzzles. It’s imperative that you know what you’re talking about.  However, there is another component, and it has nothing to do with the one in possession of said power of knowledge. As the one seeking knowledge, seeking doesn’t make you powerless. If you want to learn how to fix a flat tire, you seek information from someone who has CHANGED a tire. In other words, experience.  A popular male YouTuber offering dating advice to a large audience of women I found intriguing. But, I’m always interested in popular or influential not because of the obvious but I study people. I study what I lack but isn’t that the point? I might listen to one because of their cadence of speech.  

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Having Tourette’s I’m interested in communication. I might listen to another because they can hold a listener’s attention and what they do to achieve that as I tend to ramble. I don’t necessarily like, agree or believe all that is being said.

In case no one told you, “Nothing in this life is free” and “the masses are asses”. You might say, information is free. It requires work to seek answers, who is supplying the information I’m seeking and how much of their opinion versus facts is littered in their “work” all is important in my decision making.


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